7 Common Beauty Myths Busted

Who wouldn’t want to look beautiful, youthful, and radiant? Little wonder people across different ages have over the years invested in products that can help in reaching their desired looks. However, with these have come different beauty myths and misconceptions parading the beauty world. Why won’t you believe it? Your grandma and aunties swore those old beauty tips works. There are numerous beauty bloggers and influencers sharing tips and selling products to woo customers over.

While these myths might have been ingrained in your beauty routine over the years, it’s high time to get them busted while providing tips that work. This way, you wouldn’t be wasting time and resources on things that really don’t work. Let’s dive in!

Everyday makeup isn’t good for the skin

Who says a daily face beat is harmful to your skin? Many believe using makeup every day can impede the natural glow of the skin and have other side effects.

While a no-makeup day can be considered a resting day for your skin. Wearing makeup every day either is far from damaging skin so far you adopt good makeup habits. Moreover, it is vital to choose high-quality, skin-friendly makeup products that will even improve your skin health instead of damaging it. Go get your makeup game on all you can!

Natural products are better for the skin

Yes, natural or organic products are great for the skin. There is no denying that as they are free from synthetic chemicals that might cause irritation or other skin problems. This includes fragrance, dyes, parabens, and any other preservatives. That’s why herbal cosmetics India have been the trend now.

However, it’s nothing better if you don’t know the side effects of what you are putting on the skin. For instance, using lime on the skin can cause irritation and redness as it is known to contain a high level of acid. Therefore, it is important to conduct research before opting for herbal or organic products and choose the one that suits your skin type. Natural doesn’t always mean better or safer.

Trimming hair makes it thicker, longer and fuller

Common sense says when something is being cut, the length is reduced and not increased. Shaving hair to make it longer has been one of the beauty misconceptions flying around. Hair trimming is done at the tips of the hair. Hair growth occurs at the root. Hence, trimming the tips has no effect at all on the hair growth taking place at the root.

The fact is, hair is thinner at the tips and fuller at the root area. When you trim off the dead ends, the hair tends to appear fuller and healthier.

Plucking gray hairs will promote more to grow in this place

These have been good old grandma’s sayings and one that has been passed down from generation to generation. But sorry to burst your bubbles, there are no viable proofs that support it.

There is one hair that grows per hair follicle and when you pluck it out, only one grows back. Besides, plucking them out every time can traumatize the hair follicle and lead to bald patches. Hence, if you must cover up gray hair, cut it off or color your hair.

Eye dark circles occur as a result of sleeplessness

Many believe sleep deprivation can lead to those dark lines under the eyes. But sleep deprivation has affected many things including memory, energy, and overall health. But for your eye dark circle, all thanks to your genetics.

Dark circles are mostly hereditary. This means the gene inherited makes the vessel dilates. Hence, the dark appearance. There’s a high chance someone in your family is having the same or it might be probably something you have been living with for long as well. Whatever it is, this shouldn’t be an excuse to not get enough sleep.

Run from moisturizers if you have oily skin

Oily skin isn’t the same as moisturized skin. Sadly, this is what many people with oily skin think and probably why they run from moisturizers. They fear using oils can result in skin issues or make it worse.

However, oily skin needs moisturization as well to make it supple and glowy. Only ensure you are getting the right one for your skin type. Hence, go dab on your skin with some moisturizing goodness.

Taking a lot of water alleviates dry skin

There is no doubt water is good for overall health including the skin. But that doesn’t mean drinking a lot of water can alleviate dry skin if you aren’t doing other things right.

The environment (harsh weather), age(less secretion of sebum), smoking, drying cosmetics products and many more can lead to dry skin. This is to say, don’t quit your water intake, but do other things right as well to get desired results.