How to Make Herbal Cosmetics Yourself

Homemade herbal cosmetics have been in existence for centuries. It is prevalent in various cultures and ethnic groups all over the world. Each culture has its unique blend of herbal cosmetics passed down from generation to generation.

Herbal cosmetics became a little redundant due to commercial chemical cosmetics. Nowadays, more people are paying extra attention to herbal cosmetics. You can find do-it-yourself tips all over the internet and on social media pages.

Cizy Biocare is an herbal cosmetics manufacturing company that produces high-quality products for its customers.

Selecting the right herbs to use requires careful consideration. You can personalize your homemade herbal products if you want.

It is simple, cost-effective, and sometimes healthy to produce your herbal cosmetics. Herbal cosmetics include herbal skincare products, perfumes, herbal hair products, and herbal facial scrubs.

Herbal products made at home are devoid of chemicals to preserve them hence, they expire easily.

To make them last longer, ensure that the tools and ingredients you use are spotlessly clean. Never put your hand inside when mixing the ingredients. Produce them in small quantities to avoid wasting them. Store them in the fridge to prolong their lifespan, odor, and texture.

Brief History of Herbal Cosmetics

Herbal cosmetics can be traced as far back as the ancient era. In those days, women used plants, flowers, and herbs to make scents, increases, and fragrances. They relied on these ingredients to make a hair wash, body soaps, body cream, and facial scrubs. Oils from plants and flowers are used to make hair and body oils.

In Greece, they used herbal products to stimulate and enhance the senses. Cold lotions originated from Greece.

In Rome, a bath filled with fragrances was a necessary luxury. They put sweet-smelling flowers in the bathwater and bath. Their preference was making body scents and skincare products.
Before the 20th century, perfumed water was popular in America. Women planted and harvested herbs in their gardens. A separate kitchen was provided to make herbal products.

What are the main ingredients in herbal cosmetics?

The main ingredients used by Cizy Biocare are natural herbs, flowers, and plants. It doesn’t take time at all to make your own herbal cosmetics products.

Equipment for making herbal cosmetics

Use purified water always with stainless steel materials. You can use a heat-proof glass bowl too. Aluminum and copper materials should not be used. They can alter the products you have produced. Put the cosmetics you have produced in glassware or plasticware.

Herbal Products and Their Uses

Some of the major ingredients used by Cizy Biocare are:

  • Lavender flowers
  • Sage Scents from Italy
  • Calendulas
  • Chamomiles

Before you start making your products, carefully read the directions and cautiously begin. You can infuse or decoct the ingredients to prepare the products.

To infuse cosmetic ingredients is the same as making natural tea. Purified water is boiled in a pot and then removed from the fire. Herbs are added for half an hour and the pot is covered.

To decoct, boil purified water in a pot, put the herbs inside to simmer. Leave it for twenty minutes to take out the herbs oil to strengthen the mixture.

Hair wash (shampoo) made from an herbal mixture lasts for seven days when stored in the fridge. Other herbal cosmetics will last for more than two days in the fridge. The addition of vinegar prolongs herbal cosmetics lifespan.

Dry the ingredients in the sun to preserve them for use during the cold season. It is advisable to do this because there is little sunlight in winter.

Herbal Cosmetics Products

Herbal Hair washes

They are used for stimulating the hair scalps and glands. They add volume and strengthen the hair. They make the hair more lustrous. After shampooing your hair, it is easy to manage and style. There are different shampoos for different hair textures and colors. For example, chamomiles are for people with blond hair. Calendulas are for red-haired people and lavender are for brown-haired individuals.

Herbal shampoo ingredients: Purified water, infant shampoos, vinegar, calendulas, lavender, or chamomiles. Add lemon juice instead of vinegar you have blond hair.


Boil the herbs gently in an enamel pot and leave for few minutes. Bring it down from the fire and allow it to cool down. Drain the liquid from the pot in a jar with a sieve. Put infant shampoo and mix by shaking the jar.

Herbal Body Care

Herbal body care is used to cleanse the skin and pores. It stimulates the skin and removes blemishes.

Astringents are used in herbal cosmetics in India to produce face masks and skincare products.

Herbal body care ingredients: A cup of Calendula or any flower you prefer and four mugs of purified water.

Sages for tightening skin and skin restoration. Chamomiles soothe the skins. It is used for whitening and softening purposes. Calendulas are used in herbal cosmetics in India to heal damaged skins. Sweet lavenders to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin no matter the skin type.

Herbal Face Steaming

Face steaming the use of steam from hot water on the face. Face steaming is common for people who use herbal cosmetics in India. It is the simplest and most attainable form of facial treatment. It works instantly. The steam opens the skin pores and removes dirt and dead skin cells. It makes the skin on the face soft. Once the face softens, any facial treatment done is easily absorbed by the skin. This method makes facial products work more effectively on your skin. People with dry skins should avoid face steaming. Do not do it if you have asthma, heart problems, or your veins are near your face.

Recipe: Bind your hair to prevent interference. Fully scrub your face. Put a cup of your preferred herb in a big container. Boil four mugs of purified water and add to the herb in the container. Drap a long cloth over yourself and the container. Leave a distance of 30 centimeters between you and the container. Let the steam envelop your face for nine minutes. If you can endure more than that, do so. Thereafter, lift your face, and cool it down. You can cool down by wiping your face with lukewarm water. Stay inside for 60 minutes before you go out after steaming.


Beware of allergies because some herbal products can cause allergies in some individuals.
To test for allergies, put a drop of the mixture on arm and bandage it a little. Let it stay for a day to see if it reacts negatively against your skin.