Bo International has been providing advanced and progressive solutions for complete skincare since two decades. We offer private label manufacturing services. We can customize the packaging of products according to your requirement. We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of personal care products. We make 100% organic and natural cosmetics.  We prepare our beauty products and essential oils after extensive research.  These personal care products are prepared under the expertise and excellence of our R&D team.

For us, understanding the daily body care necessities of people comes in handy when launching new products. Our core values are understand the customer’s needs, design according to buyer’s requirement and serve the best of nature’s resources to customers for their complete skincare needs.

We have a team of skilled Sales executives and managers to work with you to provide appropriate guidance on private labeling process and creating the ultimate product collection for your clients. They help you ask the right questions and get answers to the deepest dilemmas.

We focus on taking great care of your skin, hair and body with the choicest herbs, extracts and essential oils derived from Mother Nature’s earth-beds. We have a proficient team of graphic designers who craft the best designs molded according to client’s requirement to make your product packaging look very attractive and lure the customers in.


Picking the products for your skincare range could be a tedious task. However, our expert sales executives are here to give you a walkthrough of the process. They are trained to ask you the appropriate questions, enabling you to create your product selections without further ado along with matching the requirements of your clients.


After having chosen your desired products, your account executive will help you with our packaging selections.  We have a complete onsite showroom designed for packaging procedure. If it sounds intimidating, then we make it a cakewalk for you.  Once you have answered some important questions related to your budget and vision, your sales associate will guide you in picking a range of packaging choices to ensure an organized, on-brand look.

Even though we have a wide array of packaging options which are inclusive of product cost, a few of these available choices can be called an upgrade at the expense of a reasonable charge. Your sales associate will assist you toward the variations of packaging options.


Once your skincare products are chosen and your packaging has been selected, the next step involves discussion of your brand. It is imperative to know the target shopper and your brand value as a company.

Even if it sounds formidable, we will guide you through a convenient branding brief involving a few easy and quick questions about your brand to arrange a look that suits you and gets appreciated by your customers.

To review our Design Brief & Branding, click here.


After establishing your branding, your products and packaging selections; the subsequent step includes designing your packaging. At Bo International, we take it far more seriously than merely putting up a logo to a pre-existent label. For us, it is a smartest design procedure to transform your Brand on your skincare product line.

Our capable team will impeccably design several versions of your labels for you to virtually review and offer feedback.  Our updated creative procedures are rational and user-friendly that makes you the rapidly-thriving business in the stipulated time or less time possible.


Just because you have attained your new private label skincare line, our guidance doesn’t end there.  Our team of proficient experts will go on to provide you the useful assistance and information required by you for marketing and selling your products. Be it our online ingredient database or our product brochures or even our educated skincare professionals, we will help you with the necessary information that is required to make you one of the most booming businesses in the skincare market.

To get more assistance on Private Label and get started with us, you can contact us here and your new account representative will be more than glad to serve you.